The Rocky Horror Show

2015 – 2017

Thank you to the cast and crew for 3 incredible years!

That sweet transvestite and his motley crew did the ‘Time Warp’ on Broadway for the first time in 1975. Many came to celebrate its 40th anniversary while singing along to the Time Warp and many other classics, with an array of audience participation props. Theme dressing was encouraged. This deliberately kitschy, rock ‘n’ roll, gothic sci-fi parody was more fun than ever!

Many familiar faces and some new additions made up the cast:

Frank ‘N’ Furter – Simon Goodwin
Brad Majors – Ben Kennes
Janet Weiss – Mara Fraccaro
Magenta – Jenn Marino
Riff Raff – Trevor Richie
Columbia – Melanie Stewart
Rocky – Josh Carroll
Eddie – Greg Williams
Dr. Scott – John Garlicki
Narrator – Jeff Werkmeister
Usherette – Alicia D’Ariano


Alicia D’Ariano
Melissa Kern
Mishqa Roberts
Danielle McFadden
Steph Molloy
Nick D’Oria
Brent Miller
Andrew Newman
Michael Heath


Producer/Director – John Pacheco
Choreographer – Melanie Stewart
Stage Manager – Lisa Cardinal
Costumes – Sue Hall
Set Design/Build – Mario Rodrigues
Makeup – Eva Mien/Janice Johnston
Lighting – Rob Coles
Props – Judy Bayley, Diana Barr
Sound – Lisa DesGroseilliers
ASM – Holly Ings, Jane Langford, Paul Merrifield, Brad Glenn