World Premiere of “Manuel,” written by Glenn William Grainger and directed by John Pacheco.

Presented by Pacheco Theatre and Blues Canvas Concert Productions, “Manuel” is a play about Richard Manuel, the deeply talented and enigmatic piano player and vocalist from the acclaimed musical group, THE BAND.

The play is told from the point of view of Richard’s last remaining brother Al, who reflects back on thirty key years in his brother’s turbulent and incredible life. Hailed as “the light of THE BAND” by his good friend Eric Clapton, Richard Manuel had a voice that could melt hearts, that was forged from another world…but so too was his sensitive spirit. This story by Glenn William Grainger chronicles the clash between the harsh external road of the musician’s life and one man’s profound inner longing for peace and acceptance.

The play was performed at the Paul Davenport Theatre in London, Ontario from April 26th to May 1st, 2016.